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about Tsingtao

A journey that leaves all your five senses awakened, renewed, and revived.


 - To calm your nerves

upon arrival to our spa, you are greeted with our carefully selected soothing natural aromas, which will bring you the fresh smell of zen. French lavender aids with relaxation and deep sleep; organic eucalyptus enhances the respiratory system and strengthens the immune system; sweet orange quells anxiety to offer an overall serene experience.

Tsingtao Wellness Spa | About us

the peaceful natural music in Tsingtao is a rich collection of zen fusions from all over the world. Here, with elements from Japanese zen gardens and Chinese tea leaves—the flowing water, gentle waves, singing birds, mountain winds, and graceful flute, simultaneously harmonize, for you.


 - To massage your brain
Tsingtao Wellness Spa | About us


 - To take you heaven

our massage tables utilize hotel grade luxurious silky sheets, soft as cloud and light as air for maximum comfort. They bring to you added feelings of tranquility and luxury.



 - To detox your body

enjoy our in-house premium freshly brewed tea and delicious snacks after each treatment to supplement your body with invigorating hydration and energy.


 - To balance your ying-yang

Tsingtao’s interior follows Chinese feng-shui principles to incorporate all five elements—metal, wood, water, fire, and earth, into our spa. The elements synergize with each other to bring optimal well-being to both your body and mind.

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