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about Tsingtao

Wellness Focus | Luxury Enjoyment | Affordable Price.

A journey that all your five senses awakened, renewed and revived.

Tsingtao Wellness Spa | About us


 - To calm your nerves

you will be greeted with our selective soothing natural aromas, which brings you bresh smell of Zen. French lavender helps for relaxation and deep sleep; organic eucalyptus enhances respiratory and immune system; and sweet orange quells anxiety.

the peaceful natural music in Tsingtao is a rich collection of zen fusions all over the world. Here, the floating water, gental waives, sining birds, mountain winds, flute in field, even zen garden in Japan and tea leaves in China, all come to one place one time, for you.


 - To massage your brain
Tsingtao Wellness Spa | About us
Tsingtao Wellness Spa | About us


 - To take you heaven

our massage tables utilize hotel level luxurious silky sheets, soft as cloud and light as air, which will bring you extra smoothy and fancy feelings. 

Tsingtao Wellness Spa | About us


 - To detox your body

enjoy our high quality fresh made tea and snacks after each treatment, keep your body hydrated and get energy boosted.


 - To balance your ying-yang

Tsingtao's decor follows chinese feng-shui principles, brings all five elements - metal, wood, water, fire and earth, into our spa, therefore makes both your body and spirit well-being.

Tsingtao Wellness Spa | About us
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