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How signature is Tsingtao "Signature" Therapeutic Massage?

Now a day’s many places offer therapeutic massages, so do we, but how signature is ours?

Born in Tsingtao, educated in Toronto, impacted by various classical massage styles, skills enhanced in many world's most luxury top spas, our chief Registered Massage Therapist Ms. Keiko Yang, developed her own massage style over the time.

It's a fusion of many oriental and western massage techniques you may think about. Based on Deep Tissue Massage, it targets to release your soreness points and pain that you have concern with, Based on Chinese Tuina, it goes over meridians and acupressure points all over your body. Based on Hawaii Lomi Lomi Massage, it combines with long stroking that gives you deepest soothing and yet based on Swedish Massage, it has therapeutic effect but still gives you the relaxation from head to toe.

What makes it’s most unique is, she gives out the treatments by utilizing 6 unique forearm and elbow techniques: elbow rubbing, elbow rolling, elbow pushing, elbow sorting, elbow pointing, and elbow stirring.

As elbow is the most powerful massage tool of the therapist, elbow sorting helps to align the tendons' and ligaments’' order; elbow pointing works on trigger points that gives you soreness or radiation pain; elbow stirring and elbow pushing works on large areas such as back and gluteus to increase blood circulation and relax muscle fibres; elbow rubbing and elbow rolling, combining with therapist's forearm and palmer, gives you the most deep soothing relaxation.

Now, Keiko has founded Tsingtao Wellness Spa and her unique therapeutic massage style has been shared to all other best massage therapists working here. We decide to serve you with our most proud signature massage styles and gives you a divined spa experience each time of your visit, here, at Tsingtao Wellness Spa.

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