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What to know about Hotstone Massage?


Hot Stone massage, a type of massage where smooth, heated stones are used to relax the muscles and relieve tension and pain within the body. The hot stones used during the treatment are made of basalt, a type of volcanic rock that retains heat. They are utilized as a tool to massage specific parts of the body along with the Swedish massage techniques. The therapists hold the stones in their hands, and do gliding movements along the tense muscles to relieve the soreness and pain within the body.


Many people assume that using hot stones to stroke across the body may be painful or may burn their skin. This is not true! Prior to the massage, the basalt stones are heated in a professional stone heater until they are in the range of 110 and 130 Fahrenheit. The therapists are able to control the temperature of the stones when they are preparing for the heating of the stones. The heat and weight of the stones help increase the blood flow in the body, which enables therapists to use deeper pressure to the affected areas. If you feel that the stones are too hot or you feel pain, don’t hesitate to let your therapist know!


It is evident that the hot stone massage provides many benefits to both the mind and the body. The heated stones are able to penetrate through the body, making the individual feel relaxed and calm. In addition, it can reduce stress and anxiety. It improves sleep, as Individuals feel more alert and positive the next day of the massage. Furthermore, doing the hot stone massage boost immunity, relieve symptoms of autoimmune diseases and decrease cancer symptoms.


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